About Us

The Jungle Guardian

JUGGAN SKY sheds light to craft beer in Ubud by offering a variety of craft beers and other types of beers made in Bali, Indonesia, and around the world. In addition to beer, the menu consists of island-inspired food and beverages, featuring signature cocktails and superb international bites.

Breathe and be at ease at JUGGAN SKY, one of the truly unique bars in Ubud to unwind. 

Balancing both the playful and the mindful, it is a sanctuary of glam that merges the modern with Bali’s culture in a true tropical island setting.

Enter Our Exclectic Garden

Beyond beer, there’s also cocktails, spirits, and culinary delights that are available to be savored in pleasure

Who Are We?

JUGGAN SKY is an eclectic beer garden inspired by diverse influences while keeping Bali’s culture at the forefront of its concept.

We inviting everyone from all walks of life to immerse in an exceptional beer tasting experience in Bali at the first-ever Ubud rooftop bar.